Do I Have A Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Personal Injury Case?

First, whose fault was the accident? If you fell on snow or ice that should have been removed or remediated because sufficient time had passed for the property owner to have reasonably done so, or if you have fallen in a dangerous condition which was either not obvious or hidden, such as uneven pavement, holes, or weak structure, or if you have slipped on something that has been on the floor long enough for the owner to have noticed the condition, then you have a good liability case for a slip or trip and fall. While you certainly are not relieved of your own responsibility to take care whenever you walk or move, we know how to establish both actual notice and/or “constructive” (or “legal”) notice.

The second question of course, relates to your injuries. The more serious your injuries, sometimes, the more willing the jury is to accept and understand the liability theory. The Law Office of Tejas S. Kapadia, P.C. has experience in litigating slip and fall cases and establishing actual and constructive notice for dangerous conditions on both private and public property.

If you just had a slip and fall or trip and fall, see to your medical situation first. Ask that the police come to the scene of possible.
  • Do not panic.
  • Do not say things that are inconsistent.
  • Do not sign anything.
  • Do not tell inconsistent versions of the accident to the police and to the owner of the property.
Tell the one and only version of how the accident happened to the police and if the police do not come, then simply wait to communicate any information to the owner until after you have had a chance to speak with the law firm. If you can, either take pictures yourself or have others with you take pictures of the site where you fell, and how you fell, as well as any injuries that you have received. Slip-and-fall accidents are often the result of carelessness or negligence on the part of business owners. We help people who have fallen and suffered injury on someone else’s property due to the negligence of others. We are skilled lawyers with the ability to help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering an accident. Contact one of our attorneys at The Law Office of Tejas S. Kapadia, P.C. to schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation.
To establish a claim for damages, you must be able to demonstrate that the owner of the property was negligent and that the negligence caused your accident. It is not enough to show that a floor was slippery and you fell and suffered injuries. Under New Jersey law, slip-and-fall claims depend on a showing that property owners failed take proper steps to prevent injury. An owner who knows that a water leak has left a floor slick has several methods to ensure injury prevention. Owners who ignore dangerous conditions or who remain ignorant beyond reason of such conditions can be found liable.
If you have suffered a serious fall, you understand how much damage a dangerous condition can cause. Slip, trip and fall cases may involve broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, permanent disability or even death. A property owner who does not bother to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition is gambling with the health and safety of others. When injuries do result, that property owner should be held liable for the damage. To discuss your case with a skilled New Jersey lawyer, contact one of our attorneys at The Law Offices of Tejas S. Kapadia, P.C. to schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation today. Improper Or Negligent Maintenance Helping Victims Of Negligent Maintenance In New Jersey Maintaining a building and the surrounding property can be an expensive proposition. Some property owners allow their premises to fall into disrepair to save money. Unfortunately, negligent maintenance of premises puts visitors at risk of serious injury. Our skilled attorneys help people who have been harmed by unsafe conditions. If you have been injured due to a building or property that was not being properly maintained, contact one of our attorneys at The Law Offices of Tejas S. Kapadia, P.C. to schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation.
There are many examples of conditions that can lead to injury. In New Jersey, snow and ice can accumulate and make alleyways, parking lots or sidewalks treacherous. The weather also contributes to potholes, broken pavement and uneven surfaces that can lead to slip, trip and fall accidents. Inside a building, water leaks can cause floors to be slippery. Blown lights can make stairwells or walkways dark and dangerous. Broken railings, faulty elevators, cracked or broken floors and debris can lead to serious injuries or even death. The specifics of your case will determine whether you have a valid claim for damages.
To get the compensation you deserve, it is important to choose an attorney with the skill and experience to present a compelling case to a jury. Whether or not your case settles, you must be prepared to go to trial to get the relief you have coming to you under New Jersey law. The lawyers at our firm have the experience you are looking for. We know how to investigate your case and present the evidence of your accident in court. Contact one of our attorneys at The Law Offices of Tejas S. Kapadia, P.C. to schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation to discuss your injury matter with an attorney who understands negligent maintenance cases. Premises liability law concerns the duty that every property owner owes to those who visit that property. Owners of personal property and commercial property can be held liable for dangerous conditions that cause injuries. Whether your accident entitles you to compensation depends directly on the specifics of your case. If you slipped and fell on a wet floor in a grocery store, you may be entitled to compensation if the property owners knew about the danger and did not take appropriate steps to correct the problem. If you were attacked in a dark parking lot outside a bar or restaurant, you may deserve relief if the owners knew of incidents of violence in the past and did nothing to address the issue. You should contact one of our attorneys at The Law Offices of Tejas S. Kapadia, P.C. to schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation.
Experience and the resources and ability to investigate are important to bringing a successful premises liability claim. Our firm has years of experience helping New Jersey residents get justice. We know how to find the information that can prove your accident was the result of negligent conduct. Ice and snow on a sidewalk could be the cause of a premises liability accident if a business owner failed to shovel and salt the area, despite knowing the hazard existed. Building code violations, poorly lit stairwells or walkways, uneven flooring or pavement and a lack of security could all be the basis for a successful claim. Our firm can help you determine if the property owner was liable for your injuries under the law. Dog bites are a unique form of premises liability. In New Jersey, dog owners are subject to what is known as strict liability. If a dog attacks you, the owner of that dog is assumed to be liable unless you are on the property illegally. The owner is assumed to know that the dog is a threat to bite, even if it had never bitten anyone before.

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