Contested and Uncontested Divorce

    Contested divorces are those in which the spouses disagree on one or more issues, such as:

    • Allegations stated in the grounds for divorce,
    • Custody;
    • Parenting time (visitation);
    • Child support;
    • Alimony;
    • Equitable distribution (splitting of assets and/or debts), or
    • Other matters.

    In New Jersey, you have 35 days after being served with the divorce complaint to file a response or a default judgement will be determined by the court.

    Contested Divorce Timeline and Costs

    Depending on how complex and contested the divorce is, it could take several months to complete. The specific timeline depends on factors in each individual case. Similarly, costs will depend on the nature of the case. For contested divorces, it is recommended that each spouse get their own attorney in order to better understand their rights and responsibilities. Uncontested divorces are those in which both spouses agree that they want to dissolve their marriage.

    In most instances, the court process for uncontested divorces can be completed in a much shorter time than for contested divorces. If you would like more information about contested and uncontested divorces and deciding which option is best for you, contact the Law Office of Tejas S. Kapadia to arrange a consultation.

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